As a buying broker, we guide and advise you when buying a property, which is for sale with another broker or private seller. In doing so, there are two common situations:

  1. You have seen "your" property for sale somewhere.
  2. The objection is often that you yourself do not have sufficient knowledge e/o are too emotionally involved and only highlight the pleasant aspects. That is why it is wise to let us assist you as a buying agent. For instance, we know whether the asking price is realistic, whether the house is technically sound, whether an architectural inspection is recommended, the "atmosphere" of the neighbourhood and what the possibilities of the zoning plan are. On your behalf, we conduct the negotiations to achieve the best price and further conditions for you.

  3. You have not yet come across your dream home.
  4. In this case, one of the options is to place a search request with us. Beforehand, we determine your exact requirements in an exploratory conversation so that we can get to work in a targeted manner. We will keep you informed in person or by e-mail of relevant offers in your search area.

We have been active in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for more than 20 years and at our current location, the heart of Oost-Watergraafsmeer, we have been in business since 2005. Our estate agents know all the important ins and outs of our capital city: the plus and minus points of the neighbourhoods and the houses, and of course the market-level prices. Everything to serve you with sound advice. In short, we are here for you. We dare to claim that, with our knowledge and experience, you will be better off than if you did the negotiations yourself!

Ask about our attractive rates, whether or not in combination with the sale of your current home. We will be happy to explain how it all works in a personal conversation, without any obligations. You can place a search request here. Feel free to call us for an appointment. You can reach us on 020 - 46 30 100

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