We fully realise that selling your home is exciting. Each property needs its own approach and we understand that only too well. Of course, a "for sale" sign in the window is not enough. What is important when selling depends on your personal situation. That could be speed, for example, but also price. We are happy to take the work off your hands.

In an exploratory and no-obligation meeting, we will determine together what you can expect from us and what strategy suits you and the sale of your property.

The course and progress will be roughly as follows;

  1. After an accurate recording of your property, you will receive a price recommendation from us.
  2. Advice on the presentation of your property and any points for improvement. For an optimal presentation, we will give you some important tips and, if desired, we will put you in touch with a stylist.
  3. Photographing and measuring your property and, in consultation with you, producing a full-colour brochure. Your input is not necessary, but we are happy to use it.
  4. Placement of your property on various internet sites and bringing it to the attention of searchers through search engines.
  5. An abridged presentation of your property can be seen in our well-reviewed shop window.
  6. If agreed, placement in local e/o regional newspapers is also possible.
  7. Interested parties are given a detailed tour by appointment and in consultation with you by one of our estate agents. You will receive a report from us after every viewing. This can be by telephone or e-mail, as you prefer.
  8. When a potential buyer makes an offer, we negotiate in consultation with you. Not only about the price, but also about further conditions in order to achieve the best result for you.
  9. After an agreement has been reached, we take care of the proper handling of the transaction and are present at the signing of the sales agreement up to and including the transfer at the notary's office.

We are also happy to assist you with the supervision and sale of new-build or renovation projects, large or small. Feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion. Free of obligation and with no strings attached.

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